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french polishing, cosmetic repairs, glass polishing & metal polishing services

L&K Polishing Limited Provides Cosmetic Repairs, Hard Surface Restoration & Specialist Finishing.

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Our Story

L&K Polishing specialises in woodwork finishes, from simple scratch repair to high-class hand-polished and sprayed finishes. Our expertise covers both new and traditional methods. We use both modern and traditional techniques to achieve the perfect finish. All the projects we carry out, from complete restoration projects to minor repairs, are performed with the utmost care and extremely high standard to ensure your satisfaction.

Since day one, our knowledge and expertise in French Polishing and Magic Repairs have been the lifeline of our business. We have built confidence through experience. Each project brings unique challenges and requires attention to detail. Relatively our focus is on building a reputation for quality, customer-value construction practices, and we work hard to protect them.

We are incredibly proud of having an opportunity to work across with the industry’s leading contractors and being engaged with Great Britain’s prominent developers.

Key Competencies


Project Management

Quality Control

Skilled Craftsmen

Supplier Management

Utilisation of traditional and modern methods.

Optimisation of necessary inputs and applying them accordingly, taking into consideration the primary constraints: scope, time, quality and budget.

Continuous measurement of L&K Polishing services with the established standards to obtain the desired results.

We engage reputable professionals who are masters of their particular trade. We continuously upgrade our operatives’ trade skills through established training schemes.

We have a long-term relationship with numerous suppliers of quality materials that have been tried and tested over a long period of time that hold good levels of the numerous products that we use.