what we do - Sealant Application Services

Sealant Application Services

L&K Polishing provides a range of sealant application services tailored to meet your needs. We offer services for modest projects to high-end prestige commercial projects within London and home counties. We are happy to discuss sealant or mastic application services with you, to provide the quotation or to arrange a site visit to see the work is required.

We cover the following aspects of sealant applications internally and externally.

  • Internal Silicone – Window & Door Frames, Skirting, Kitchens, Bathrooms & Wet Rooms
  • External Silicone – Windows, Doors, Brickwork, Glass, Reinforced concrete
  • Fire Rated Sealants – Block Work, Soffits
  • Concrete Floor Joint – Car Parks, Corridors, Building Perimeters
  • Curtain Wall Joints – using crystal clear sealants and coloured sealants
  • Glass to Glass Joints – using crystal clear sealants and coloured sealants
  • Removal of deteriorating sealant – cut out and re-seal
  • Colour Matching – comprehensive colour matching


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